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    Maria is Ecuadorian Indigenous, she now lives in London with her Husband and children and works as a cleaner in many of London’s churches. We caught up with her to see how she got on with the free treatments she had with us – Reflexology, Craniosacral therapy and Massage. Funded by Magic Little Grants. Interview translation by Eva Bachmann.

    E/T: Tell me about your experience here receiving treatments with Monica?

    M: Yeah it went well. We were speaking Portuguese/Italian and Monica was helping, for instance asking, “where is it hurting?”, “Where is it hurting more?”, “How are you feeling?”. Monica suggested I don’t work too much so that I can feel the benefits [of the treatment]. The first time I didn’t quite know what was going on or what to expect, but then the second time Monica talked me through more in depth and we were communicating more about what and when it hurts so it made more sense. 

    I was looking up at my son because he’s quite tall, then suddenly I did my back in and couldn’t really move. Then I came here and Monica was manipulating it with her hand and she was saying that my bones were too brittle[sensitive]? Or something like that. It leaves me very well, it helps me relax and helps me with many things. 

    T: Ok, so was the original reason for coming because of that sudden pain?

    M: I knew a lady who does yoga and we were talking a lot because she speaks Spanish and I also suffer from insomnia, I only sleep a few hours a night. My head was full of worries and my shoulders were hurting so I had difficulties lifting or doing basic rudimentary things like getting dressed. 

    T: Have you noticed any improvement in those things from having the treatment? 

    M: Yes, yes I lost a little bit of weight because before I was a bit overweight also the acid in my body has gone. I can get dressed – before I couldn’t put my bra on, now I can! My range of movement has definitely improved and foremost, I feel much more relaxed. It helps me sleep. 

    T: That’s so good to hear.

    M: Today is my last session, I would like to come back, every time I have a treatment with Monica she finds something else [that hurts/needs treating]. I wonder about the prices, is there a way to adjust the price, or another way of having a concession or funding? 

    T: I am trying to get more funding to do more and I would like to invite you to our Open Day [where there will be free treatments]. 

    M: I am worried about how I can come back and all the different prices. Monica suggested that maybe I should have a new job [that isn’t so physically demanding]. I would like to change to something else other than cleaning but I need to practice my English. I can’t practice with my kids because one speaks Spanish, one Portuguese and my husband speaks Bengali. Also we have indigenous Ecuadorian food and Bangla food in the house. I don’t have many chances to speak English. I would like to be a carer for older people. All the English courses were during the day and I can’t do them because I’m working. I found one which I can do now. 

    T/E: Ok that’s good then I hope it’s helpful. Thank you so much for chatting with us today! 

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